2021 Amenities Available Field Trips


    • Picnic tables and shelters for you to use to enjoy lunch/snack.  

      • We ask that you let us know how many tables you need when you book your field trip.  Some tables are under shelters and some are not.  If you would like for us to make sure that you get tables under a shelter, you need to let us know at the time of booking.  We do our best to optimize the schedule of the 4 shelters that we have to accomodate everyone's lunch.  We try to get an idea of when your group normally eats and then we schedule the tables/shelters on a first come first serve system.  We use the date and time of booking to order the groups.  We take in consideration the group size, time that you normally eat, number of tables needed, when the group has to depart and other info that we gather.  Sometimes it is not possible to accomodate all groups under a shelter.   If you only want to be under a shelter, it might be that you lunch will be earlier or later than the time that you normally have lunch. 
      • We ask that you request enough tables to cover the children and teachers, we do not always have the extra tables to cover all the parents that come along. 
      • The tables are 6' picnic tables and can normally accommodate 6-8 people depending on age 
    • Porta Potties - regular and handicap accessible

    • Baby Hubb - Changing and nursing station

    • Lots of open space to Social Distance

    • Hand washing station at Animal Acres and near Paydirt Pete Treasure Mine.

    • Handicap lift available for wagon ride

    • Lots of hand sanitizing stations

    • We assist teachers if necessary in getting the lunches/coolers off and back on the bus




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