This Pass is available for parents/guests of children who are attending Hubb's Farm as part of an organized field trip.  This is the pass that you will use with the discount code that is provided by your child's teacher.  If you have received the discount code (the teacher is the only person that can give you the code.  Please do not call Hubb's Farm for the code.  We can not give the code out) You will enter the discount code at checkout and it will discount the ticket price by $1.00.  The cost of the ticket will be $12.95 instead of the open to the publc rate of $13.95.


Everyone age 2 and older must have a ticket.  Children under the age of 2 are not required to have a ticket.  


All tickets must be purchased online.  You can purchase your passes the evening before or the morning of, however you must purchase the tickets online.  Purchasing the tickets closer to the time of the field trip will provide you the opportunity to wait and make sure you can attend.  Please note that Hubb's Farm has a no refund policy.  


The farm opens on field trip days at 9:00 AM.