Base Price: $40.00
Quantity and duration may affect final ticket price

Please read this entire page prior to purchasing tickets to ensure your understanding of the event.  


Bring your little ones out to Hubb's Farm and let Santa help them with their Christmas list.
This special event has been created to be an interactive socially distance experience with Santa.
Santa will lead the group through an entertaining session as the children create their letter to Santa on special stationary created by Santa just for Hubb's Farm.
Once the letter writing session is over, the family and/or friends will have the opportunity to take a special photo as Santa stamps their letters as received and read by Santa. Please bring your own cameras.  This photo opportunity will be socially distance.  Children will not be seated in Santa's lap nor held by Santa.  
Children will be able to take their letters home with them.

$40 per Table (up to 8 people)

Nov. 28 | 2 sessions 9:45 AM & 3:45 PM

Dec. 19 | 2 sessions 9:45 AM & 3:45 PM

Each session will last approx. 2 hours

More sessions may be added if original sessions sell out.
The later session will work well if anyone plans to attend that evening's Christmas Movie on the Farm,

A limited number of tables will be sold for each session. Up to 8 people will be allowed at each table. If you have more than 8 people you will need to purchase two tables. Tables can be reserved for 1-8 people and are the same price regardless of the number of people. Your table's group will be your "family bubble."  The tables are 6 ft picnic tables.  All guests must be seated at the table during the interactive letter time so not to block view of others and to maintain the social distance.  Children under one are considered "lap babies" and must be held.  Lap babies do not need to be included in the "8" count.  A limit of 2 lap babies per table.  Strollers must be left ourside the Letter's with Santa area.  There will be a place assigned for strollers to be left.   The most people any family bubble can have is 8 seated and 2 lap babies.  

The schedule for each session will be as follows.

Check in and be seated at your table. Your "family bubble" will be assigned to a table based on the date and time that you purchased tickets. The earlier purchasers will get the tables closest to Santa's Porch.

Interactive Letter Writing with Santa - This part will last 15-20 minutes. Santa will lead the children through creating their Christmas Letter.

Each "Family Bubble" will be called to bring the letter(s) to Santa for Stamping and for a special picture.

As the tables wait to be called for their "time" with Santa, and after their time with Santa, the Christmastime Playland will be open for the children to play.

Christmastime Playland
- Giant Slides
- Toddler Town
- Jumping Pillow
- Bale Maze
- Rope Mountain
- Ball Toss Area

Tables will be socially distanced from each other. Pictures of Santa will be socially distance. Children will not be allowed to sit in Santa's lap. This is an outside event.

We ask that all attendees bring a mask and plan to wear it when not socially distance from individuals who are not in their social bubble. You will only sit with your social bubble at a table.


Due to the limited capacities. the need for online tickeing, the additional sanitizing and processes as a result of COVID, we are adding a fee on to each order.  We understand that some may or may not agree with this, however, in order for our farm to be open to the public during this year of unknowns, it is a must.  If you do not agree, we are fine that you are not willing to purchase tickets.  The fee will be included and shown before checkout.  Thank you for considering supporting our family farm (small business).  The Peterson Family  


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