Base Price: $50.00
Quantity and duration may affect final ticket price

Basic Birthday Party - $275 ($50 due at time of Booking)

Effective 1/1/23   ($25 increase from 2022)


$50 Deposit must be made before your party is considered booked.  


NOTE: This pricing model is for parties on the selected dates.  These are dates that our farm is not open to the public.  The only people out on these days are people who have booked or have been invited to a semi-private event at Hubb's Farm

This booking rate is for personal birthday parties only.  It does not apply to corporate events, venue rental by non-profits for events or any other event other that a person's birthday party.  


Birthday Blocks – 3 hours, up to 50 People (include all people over 2 years old in the count)   $275  - A $50 nonrefundable deposit is due at the time of booking and the remaining $225 due the day of party.  If inclement weather, we will work with you to rescedule.

  • Please note that the 50 count includes both children and adults.  

  • The 3 hours includes time for setup and breakdown unless approved for additional time with Hubb's Farm before the day of the event

Birthday Blocks May be Semi-Private unless you choose a Private Party on the Farm “Buy Out”


Additional guests over 50 - add $10 per person (ages 2 and older)

Additional hours added would be $100 per hour


If you would like a guaranteed Private Party on the Farm “Buy Out” block, add $275.00.  Hubb's Farm is large enough to accomodate several groups at one time, at the time of your booking, you can find out if any other parties are booked, if not and you book, that does not mean that another party may not be booked.  If you would like, we can notify you that another party is booking and you can upgrade to a Farm "Buy Out" at that time. 

A non-refundable deposit of $50 will be due at the time of booking.  If inclement weather, we will reschedule if you would like.   



Covered shelter with picnic tables

Baby Hubb - nursing and changing area

Background Music

Free Parking

Announcement Speakers

Front Porch Stage

At least one attendant

Trash Containers/bags/removal

Potty Jons

Handwashing Stations



Activities Included:                                

Giant Jump Pillow                                                                      

Giant Slides 

Mini Zip Line (for weights up to 200 lbs)                                                                            

Ball Toss                                                                                     

Human Foosball                                                                                                            

Giant Sandbox                                                                         

Toddler Town                                                                                                            

Oversized Connect 4 Game                                                    

Photo Props (Giant Hubb’s Chair & Old Tractor)

Luke’s Play Area (swings, slides)



Additional Activities/Themes:


Hubb's Terrainables Barrel Train Ride - $25, barrel train will be made available at a specific time for at least 1 ride per guest.  Normally available for about 30 mins.  If you would like it available throughout the scheduled time and/or "on demand" a different rate will apply, please call to discuss.

Wagon Ride Arournd Farm - $25 up to 50 guest. $50 51 - 100 guest, Greater than 100 - ask for price

Pay Dirt Pete Treasure Mine – $7 per person (regular bag) or large bags are $25 per bag (Can be purchased the day of the event)

Farm Animals/Animal Acres (will vary with season) - $75 Visit Animals that are available.  with our staff member.  (Please call to book and to verify the animals that are available., animals may not be available the date that you are booking)

Bubble Station - $50 - Bubble station setup with 4 pales of bubble mix and 4 wands.  Additional pales of bubble mix can be added for $5 pale.

Unicorn Pony  (with horn) – up to 1 Hour $200.00 (Please call to book)

Ultimate Unicorn Packet - Includes Princess, Colored and fairy hair in Unicorn Mane and Tail.  Painted hoofs and lei on Mane and halter - up to 1 hour $299 (Please call to book)

Cranky Combine Ride – up to 1 Hour $250.00 (Please call to book)



Other Fun Themes are available, call for details.

Farm Store Sodas, Snacks, Canned Goods (prices vary)

Catering (complete meals and/or fun foods) – call to discuss details/pricing (910)564-6709

Night Events – call for information (Drive-N Movies Available)


Book and pay deposit online.  Please expect a phone call from Hubb's Farm within 2-3 days of booking confirming your booking.  If you do not receive a phone call within 2-3 days, do not hesitate to call Tammy at 910-260-0490 to confirm. 



To book

Step 1 - Select the Month

Step 2 - Select the Day, then select , Time

Step 3 - Select 1 - your party will be one of the parties booked at the selected time

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Also Available

$50 deposit is non refundable

You have reserved up to 3 hours on the farm for up to people (age 2 and older) unless additional time and people have been selected


$50 deposit is non refundable

You have reserved up to 3 hours on the farm for up to people (age 2 and older) unless additional time and people have been selected