Base Price: $14.99
Quantity and duration may affect final ticket price

Wednesday - 10 AM - 3 PM

Thursday - 10 AM - 3 PM

Friday - 10 AM - 3 PM


$14.99 per person ages 2 - older

Under 2 - FREE (no ticket required)


Note:  Neither a Senior Discount nor a Military Discount is offered for this pass.


NOTE:  If you are a parent attending the farm with your child on a school field trip, you need to purchase your pass from the following link.  Click here




Important things to remember

  • Pets are not allowed.  
  • An ATM is onsite (located in the Farm Store)
  • All Hubb's Farm locations take Credit/Debit cards.  
  • If we have vendors out to the farm, they may or may not accept Credit/Debit cards.  Hubb's "Corn" Maze, Pumpkin Patch, and Farm Animals is an outdoor event.  We are open rain or shine.  Hubb's Farm will be open on the scheduled days to be open.  In the case of extreme weather conditions or other events that are out of our control Hubb's Farm reserves the right to close the farm.  If that happens, we will announce closure of the farm on our website, voicemail and social media accounts.  At that point we will inform pass holders,  for the times that the farm is closed,  what their options are for rescheduling or potential refunds.  
  • Hubb's Farm is located in Eastern North Carolina.  The fall of the year is also the time of the year that we may have hurricanes or other storms with heavy rain and winds.  Heavy rains and winds can damage the crop the the maze is cut in.  It is not unusual for winds and rain to wreck havoc (yes, truly cause a mess) on the maze itself.  When that happens, we have to go in the maze and recut it.  Most the time we go in and cut the paths back out with machetes.  This year's maze contains 6 + miles of trails, if it gets wind/rain damaged, we could have as much as 12 - 13 miles of clear.  We have to clear both sides, so double the 6+.  We share this to bring awareness to the fact that after a storm, it could take multiple days to get the whole maze cleared.   When this happens we do not close, because we are so much more that a maze.  We clean the maze normally from smallest to largest and open each as it is cleared.  Coming out when 1 or more of the 3 mazes in the design is not open, does not constitute a reduction or refund in the pass price.  We work as diligently as we can to clear the paths, however sometimes they are not all clear by the times that we are open.  Thank you for understanding if the happens during our 2022 season.  


On weekdays, we have limited concessions available.  We allow outside food and drink during these days.  Take advantage of this by bringing a picnic lunch and enjoying on the farm.  We have plenty of tables available for you to use.  



  • GIANT MAZE - Professionally cut 15 Acre design.  We use a hybrid sorghum, which creates a thicker maze and stays green til frost.  WOW! 
    • 15 Acre Maze includes
      • 3 individual mazes create the 15 acre design.  Each with it's own enter and exit paths, and either a scavenger hunt game and/or educational information about North Carolina.
        • Scrappy Maze - 2.6 miles of trails create this maze.   Inside this maze is a scavenger hunt game.  Can you find checkpoints 1-6?  FOR THE EXPERT MAZER
        • Cranky Maze - 2.3 miles of trails create this maze.  Inside this maze is a scavenger hunt game and also facts about how AWESOME EASTERN NORTH CAROLINA is.  FOR THE INTERMIDIATE MAZER
        • The Big Chair Maze - 1 miles of trails create this maze. Inside this maze are facts about the TOP TEN AGRICULTURE COMMODITIES IN NORTH CAROLINA.  FOR THE BEGINNER MAZER
      • 1 trail that is not a maze 
        • Character Traits Trail -  A short trail which is a walk through the sorghum.  Along the way you will find boards with Character Traits that we consider qualities that everyone should aspire to achieve.  FOR THE PERSON WHO WANTS THE EXPERIENCE BUT NOT THE MAZE 
    • Giant Slides
    • Giant Jumping Pillow
    • Unlimited Trips Down the NEW Super Sampson Slide  (New for 2022)  
    • Giant Sandbox with diggers and other toys
    • Mini Zip Line - FOR WEIGHTS UP TO 200 LB (Returning this year after not being available during 2020)
    • Human Foosball
    • Farm Sports Zone
    • Rope Mountain
    • Toddler Town
    • No Left Turn Straw Bale Maze
    • Toddler Town 
    • Hula Horses
    • Hubb's Animated Singing Chicks
    • Luke's Playset - includes slides, towers, and swings
    • Giant Size Game Area
      • Connect 4
      • Corn Hole
      • Checkers
      • Rook Number Maze
    • Animal Acres - Farm Animals
      • Junior the Cow
      • Baby the Cow
      • Sheep
      • Goats
      • Chickens
      • Turkeys
      • Ducks
      • Min. Horses
      • Rabbits
      • Alpaca
      • Donkey
      • more may be added
    • Hubb's Terrainables Train Rides - only on weekends
    • Rope Mountain 
    • Tire Mountain
    • Shark Tooth Dig
    • Jump Pad
  • Access to the Pumpkin Patch (Pumpkins are sold separately) - please note that Pumpkin Patch will be available during the month of October
  • Wagon Rides around the farm



    • Paydirt Pete Treasure Mining - $7 - $30 / bag of rough - Mine for gems in a sluice created just for Hubb's Farm and named in honor of  John's late father (John William (Pete) Peterson II) Paydirt bags can be purchased onsite and range from $7 - $30
    • Animal Feed - $4 / bag - Feed the goats.  OTHER ANIMALS ARE ON A SPECIAL DIET
    • CRANKY THE COMBINE - only available on weekends
    • Sling Shot and Air Cannon
    • Concessions - various pricing and limited during the weekdays
    • Outside Vendors - if present 
    • Retail items in the Farm Store
    • Pumpkins
    • Duck Races - only available on the weekends
    • Hubb's Express Train Rides - only available on the weekends



This is a TIMED TICKET and allows you to spend up to 4 hours at Hubb's Farm or until closing, whichever comes first.    


Please purchase the ticket(s) for the time that you expect to arrive.  Be mindful of the time selected, that is your arrival/entrance time.  Limited tickets are available for each time slot.  Timed ticketing creates a flow that enables the ability to avoid long lines and encourage social distancing while visiting Hubb's Farm.     


The Peterson Family is thrilled that you are considering a visit to Hubb's Farm.  We realize that Hubb's Farm is not the cheapest farm in the area, however, we feel that Hubb's Farm is the best.  We take pride in providing a clean, organized, and safe place where you and your family can come play together.  We price our farm passes at a price that enables us to provide a quality experience while limiting the number of guests that are here at one time.  Online timed ticketing is one of the ways that we can do this. Please be aware that at the time of checkout an online ticketing and handling fee will be applied to your order.   We understand that some may or may not agree with this, however, in order for our farm to be open to the public it is a must.  If you do not agree, we are fine that you are not willing to purchase tickets. Thank you for considering coming out to our family farm.  John, Tammy, and Luke Peterson  


All Sales are Final, we DO NOT REFUND unless your pass has been SHIELDED.

Although all sales final, we do provide a couple of ways for you to "insure" your visit to Hubb's Farm

  1. SHIELD your pass for $2.  When a pass is SHIELDED you receive the following benefits.  You must purchase SHIELD protection at the time you purchase your pass.  The Shield can be used anytime between September25 - November 7, 2021 on an unredeemed pass.     
    1. Receive a refund of the ticket price if you are unable to attend Hubb's Farm any of the days that we are open to the public during the fall.  We will issue a refund "no questions asked" if the pass has not been redeemed in our system.  
    2. Your pass SHEILD provides you the opportunity to enter the farm at any time (that the farm is open) during the date and time frame that your pass is for.   Ex.  If you wanted to come out at 11 AM and that ticket time is sold out, you may purchase a ticket for any time that ticket date, and enter the farm at any time on that date.  The ticket shield  DOES NOT CONVERT  a Saturday Flashlight maze pass to a Saturday Aftrernoon Pass.  
    3. Reschedule your unused pass for a different date and/or time, anytime before the end of our season, which is Nov. 5 and not incur a restocking fee.
    4. Extend your visit time from 4 hours to NO TIME LIMIT.  You can stay as long as you would like until we close.     
    5. All pass SHIELDs expire Saturday, November 5 at 6PM
  2. Reschedule your pass at least 2 Hours before your original scheduled time for free.  If you reschedule less than 2 hours before or anytime after your original date/time,  a restocking fee of $4 per ticket being resceduled will be charged.  If you SHIELDED your pass at the time of purchase, you can reschedule at any time before or after your original scheduled date/time at no charge.  

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Please be aware that an online ticketing and handling fee is applied at the time of check-out.    



Please be aware that an online ticketing and handling fee is applied at the time of check-out.